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Audio CD-Illuminate

By Crowder David (Artist)
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Track Names
1.  Sparks Fly
2.  Revolutionary Love
3.  O Praise Him (All This For A King)
4.  Skies Interlude
5.  Open Skies
6.  Intoxicating
7.  How Great
8.  No One Like You
9.  Reprise
10.  All Creatures #2
11.  Only You
12.  Deliver Me
13.  Coming Toward
14.  Heaven Came Down
15.  Glorious Day
16.  Stars

Item Description...
01. Sparks Fly
02. Revolutionary Love
03. O Praise Him (All This For A King)
04. Skies Interlude
05. Open Skies
06. Intoxicating
07. How Great
08. No One Like You
09. Reprise
10. All Creatures #2
11. Only You
12. Deliver Me
13. Coming Toward
14. Heaven Came Down
15. Glorious Day
16. Stars

Item Specifications...

Record Label   Sixstepsrecords
Format   Enhanced
Est. Packaging Dimensions:   Length: 4.92" Width: 5.62" Height: 0.39"
Weight:   0.2 lbs.
Binding  CD
Release Date   Sep 16, 2003
Publisher   CHORDANT ACNT# 3707
ISBN  5550261243  
EAN  9785550261248  
UPC  724359023007  

Availability  0 units.

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Reviews - What do our customers think?
Illuminating the World  Oct 4, 2006
Alrighty, here goes a nice extended review of the release of DC*B's CD, "Illuminate"

First off, I gotta say, this album is just superb. The work that they put in to this album just shows. They had Charlie Peacock produce it, as well as the drummer from Jimmy Eat World, Zach Lind. The production job alone is worth the price of this CD. They way they wove the tracks together on this CD just blows me away. You'll have to hear it to understand it fully, but I'll try to tell about it some in my review.

Let's get to it...

1. Sparks Fly
"Sparks fly and I find You there in a glow then it fades away"

A short lil sampling of things to come. Kinda like the intro track to "Can You Hear Us?" Short, simple, sweet, and leads into the next song

2. Revolutionary Love
"You're a revolution...."
Whooo. Kind of a strange disco beat, but it works, lol. This song talks about God's love, how it's amazing, surprising, and it's what draws us into His presence. Very neat production and background vocals on this song. I simply love the bridge part too.
You're a revolution, I want to be a Revolutionary

3. O Praise Him (All This For a King)
This is the song the guys had a voting contest on their site for. The 4 choices were:
1. O Praise Him
2. All This For a King
3. He is Holy
4. Boot Scoot Boogie #2
Early in the tallies, the #4 joke name was in first, but David kept telling people in concert to vote, so #1 and #2 won out, and were combined for this title.
The begining for this song sounds sorta....smurf-ish. It brings back memories of saturday morning cartoons. It's a lil piano work (played by David =P) and is a neat lil intro. This song has been done in concert for the last year by them, and is almost a staple song for them now where ever they go. A good radio hit in the making, as well as good for worship in most contemporary churches.

Another short track, with a lot of work by Mike Hogan, the band's DJ and violinist. For those of you wondering what all the words the DJ turntable say, it's:
"One that composed your"
"Something sweet and salty"
"Put out hands together"
"See the light"
"Something sweet and salty"
"We outta put our hands together"
"I'm begining to see the light"

Out of randomness, I don't know why I put those down. I'm sure they're not right, lol, but that's what I hear...

5. Open Skies
"Praise Him under open skies,
everything breathing praising God
In the company of all who love the King"

Wow, very, very cool song. Has sort of a nice jive to it. It's a lil fast with the words, so it's almost like a rap thing for David to sing. I'm really hoping this song will be the next one to go to radio. I think it'll do really well. The chorus is really catchy and will stick in your head a long while after you read it. This song really is a calling to praise God wherever you're at. It makes me just want to shout out to God and raise my hands to heaven and worship Him. Good stuff.

6. Intoxicating
Heh. The whole sound style of this song reminds me of Dave Matthews (which is an influence of the DCB). This whole song sorta plays on being Intoxicated. =P Yes, it is strange for a christian worship song, but it works. David weaves the words of being close to God makes his head spin. How being in God's presence you lose your present mind and just worship. The chorus is actually listed in the liner notes as "La, la dee da, La dee da, dee da, Dee da da da" Just like some drunk person would sound, heh. He uses a lot of big words in this, including "Inebriating" which I had to look up on good ol dictionary[...]. This is what it says:
tr.v. in*e*bri*at*ed, in*e*bri*at*ing, in*e*bri*ates

1. To make drunk; intoxicate.
2. To exhilarate or stupefy as if with alcohol.

At the end of the song, there's a lil jam session (about 2 1/2 minutes long), where a drum loop plays and the band plays over it. It's a similiar sound to the regular song, but they just kinda jam out, have certain instruments fade, then come back playing a different part. The real neat lil thing is that when they're done jamming David does a walk down kinda thing on his guitar, which leads directly into the next song.

7. How Great
"How great Your love for us
How great our love for You
That grace could cover us
How great Your love"

This is the song produced by Zach Lind. The layers on it is perfect (I'm almost wondering how many layers they used on this individual song....). Speaking from his heart, this song portrays an image of God in all his splendor. Part way through the song, it includes sort of an additionary chorus, or even song thrown in. If you've seen that flash card I made, it's the one included there.
What a glorious day, What a wonderful day today
What a glorious day, What a wonderful day today, Glorious day

8. No One Like You
Probably one of their most requested song of this year. Written sometime early in 2003, they band started doing this one in concert, and I was able to hear of it word of mouth. People kept talking about it as some punk song with the words of "There is none like You". I kept thinking, wow...that's weird. (Note: It doesn't use the words of "There is none like You", it's a different song.)
This song truely is their punk song. It reminds me of Relient K a lot, lol, but with David singing. I was a lil surprised that the guys could do a punk sounding song, but I love it. =P I'm sure that if you heard them on concert anytime this year, they probably did this song and you were able to jump and dance around with it.

9. Reprise
A little short reprise of "No One Like You". A very nice segue into another song, nothing like the punk version, but it has the same heart message. I believe he did this part at OneDay03, but I'm not totally sure.

10. All Creatures #2
The band did "All Creatures of Our God and King" on the last album, which was a good recording, but a lil strange. It was done with all these different music samplings, and heard it took a LONG time to create. This new rendition is a familiar one. As with all of the DCB cd's released to date, there's some form of a classicly done hymn. This one is it, though with a lil twist. It starts out with a great kinda instrumental piece done by David on the guitar. I have to say, if they did an entire instrumental album, I would definately pick it up in a heartbeat. This version also features the whole band, and it's a very full piece with a nice string section provided by Mike Hogan again, and some xyllophone thrown in.

11. Only You
"And I will worship You, Lord
Only You, Lord
And I will bow down before You
Only You, Lord"

One of the songs originally done on the first UBC release "Pour Over Me", this song brings back sweet memories. I think I originally heard this from mp3s I downloaded from Napster (back in the dorms, no more downloading now though! Turn it up, don't burn it up!). So yeah, as with the last album, he brought back an older song of his and re-did it. This one is such a good recording, and a heart-felt cry to God. I've always liked this song, and with this new recording it just speaks out volume to my heart. Talking about the relationship between us and God in a way that stirs the heart. Giving over all that we have to the Lord is an incredible thing. Towards the end three different choruses are sung together in unison. I almost want to think that God sings one of these over us. It's beautiful to listen to.
"It's just and You and me here now
Only You and me here now"
"You should see the view
When it's only You"
"I will worship You, Lord
Only You, Lord
I will bow down for You
Only You Lord"

12. Deliver Me
A cover song of Sarah Brightman (but written by Jon Marsh). A very interesting song, that I'm not sure was a christian song or not. It works as one though. I know I've heard this on the radio and it was sort of strange hearing it, and knowing that I've heard it before. The whole song kind of has a strange, erie sound to it, haha. So maybe a lil gothic? I don't know... A lot of synth strings, and David plays some piano on it as well. Included in thie song they put the chous of "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" which intertwines very nicely with the lyrics of Deliver Me.

13. Coming Toward
An instrument tracking bringing together the the last song and the next. It's amazing the work that was put forth on this album. You almost think as you listen to this track that you're watching a movie that's about to reach it's climatic finale. I would love to see these guys work on some movie for all the music, haha, it would be amazing.

14. Heaven Came Down
"Heaven came down and glory filled my soul..."

Those word the words spoken to John Peterson regarding how it felt when the Holy Spirit of God had come upon a man. He wrote the song in 1969. The band, having such a love for hymns, took this song and did their arrangement of it. It's a very electric song, with a good sound to it still. The lyrics are really what stick out, as with most hymns, it was fashioned with a lot of theology. The theology is a little hard for people of today's age to understand, but it's so rich and important for us to understand.

15. Glorious Day
Taking just that bit of a second chorus from "How Great" a little jazz action going on with this simple song.

16. Stars
Most recently featured on the "OneDay03: Sacred Revolution" CD, this song portrays and image of God and nature. Each verse goes along to show God's glory amoungst our enviorment we live in, and how God's presence reaches down to us through everything. Just done with an acoustic guitar, a violin, and some light instrumentation, it makes for a beautiful end to an album.

Looking back at most of the band's previous albums, they've seem like they've been about communication. Talking with God, understanding His heart, and hearing from Him (Pour over Me, All I Can Say, and Can You Hear Us?).
With this latest album, the questions seemed to have stopped, and a love from Him and outpouring of love to Him seemed to be expressed through their music. As it looks like David was wondering if God was listening to them with the last album, I believe He was, and this is a new reponse to God hearing them. As God's light shines upon us all, and we reflect that light back to others, this band and their music will shine with His glory for the world to see and hear.

v. il*lu*mi*nat*ed, il*lu*mi*nat*ing, il*lu*mi*nates
1. To provide or brighten with light.
2. To decorate or hang with lights.
3. To make understandable; clarify: "Cleverly made attacks can... serve to illuminate important differences between candidates" (New Republic).
4. To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand.
5. To endow with fame or splendor; celebrate.
6. To adorn (a page of a book, for example) with ornamental designs, miniatures, or lettering in brilliant colors or precious metals.
7. To expose to or reveal by radiation.

objects can be placed in 2 catagories
1. Luminous Objects (Sun, Stars)
objects which generate their own light
2. Illuminated Objects (moon, planets, humans)
objects which are only capable of reflecting light
Wonderful, Fantastic, Worship!!  Sep 1, 2006
David Crowder Band... perhaps the best Christian rock band in history... now on tour w/ Third Day (which I will see live in Bethlehem, PA)...

Such a tender but loud and rowdy worship experience. "Deliver Me" is a stand out along with "All This For a King". The production is flawless and the execution leaves nothing left to desire. David Crowder Band brings us closer to God through their music.

It is clear in concert that they are not focused on themselves but rather want to be a mirror by which they can reflect God's love to His creation and in turn reflect the worship of God's people back to the Lord. They are humble servants working their musical prowess for their Creator.

Quite an experience... David Crowder has a spirit worthy of his namesake. He is a master of worship. This band are pioneers of the Christian music scene.

Their song "Intoxicating" made it to the DVD release of Dawson's Creek as a backing track heard in its entirity during a discussion between Joey and Dawson that was a crux of the series. That speaks volumes.

They have been praised by the lead singer of Jimmy Eats World, a secular band. They have toured with Michael W. Smith and Mercy Me, giants in their own right in this industry.

As the Christian music industry grows and morphs, from the 80's when all that was available was a few artists to a full blown revival, David Crowder Band is at the front of the train. I think it was Chris Tomlin that said "Oh this worship bandwagon... well the best thing you can do is jump on because it's headed for the promised land!"
a conduit  Aug 8, 2006
David Crowder Band's music is a conduit to a higher realm. Listening to it will bring you closer to our great God. David is a musical genius! I use his music when I put on Christian rock dances at our church. It's danceable, beautiful praise. Oh - let's not forget, it will make you sing!
Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul!  Jul 13, 2006
One of the best praise CD's out there, David Crowder is immensely talented and knows how to write quality songs. He is never cheesy and hits you in the soul with simple but powerful lyrics. And David Crowder has his finger on the pulse of this generation and knows how to reach out in love. Check below to see how each song ranks:
1. Sparks Fly - Intro song, short (8/10)
2. Revolutionary Love (8.5/10)
3. O Praise Him (All This For A King) (10/10)
4. Skies Interlude (6/10)
5. Open Skies (10/10)
6. Intoxicating (9/10)
7. How Great (9/10)
8. No One Like You (10/10)
9. Reprise (8.5/10)
10. All Creatures #2 (10/10)
11. Only You (7/10)
12. Deliver Me (9.5/10)
13. Coming Toward (7/10)
14. Heaven Came Down (9/10)
15. Glorious Day (8/10)
16. Stars (9.5/10)
He's the Man, and the Band!  Jun 22, 2006
With not that many amazing praise songs out there, David Crowder Band shows how it is done!! Awesome! Can't wait to hear his Collision CD!

-O Praise Him, Open Skies, No One Like You

2. Revolutionary Love - (8/10)
3. O Praise Him (All This For A King) - (10/10)
5. Open Skies - (10/10)
6. Intoxicating - (7/10)
7. How Great - (6.5/10)
8. No One Like You - (9/10)
10. All Creatures #2 - (7.5/10)
11. Only You - (6.5/10)
12. Deliver Me - (7/10)
14. Heaven Came Down - (7.5/10)
16. Stars - (6/10)

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